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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

for Women

Join an 8-week therapeutic journey for female survivors of complex trauma

June 1, 2021 - July 20, 2021

Complex trauma can make you feel estranged from your body.

In the aftermath of abuse, assault or maltreatment, it might feel like your body doesn't belong to you; that it's an unpredictable and overwhelming place to be. Just like your heart and mind, your body needs time and attention in order to heal and recover. 


Trauma Sensitive Yoga will help you heal and reclaim your body.


About the program:


This practice series will empower you with practical tools and knowledge that support a greater, more integrated and peaceful connection with your body. It is designed for female survivors of CPTSD who are ready to learn about, experience and integrate Trauma Sensitive Yoga in their healing journey. 

Over the course of 8 weeks, you will learn about the central themes of Trauma Sensitive Yoga, followed by the opportunity to benefit from a mat-based practice. During our practices you are fully in charge of your body at all times, and will be invited to experience, interact with and notice your body in whatever way is useful and supportive of you, in the context of yoga forms. 

The language of instruction is English (Hebrew translation upon request). Participation is limited to 7 women.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga is very different from the traditional styles taught in studios and gyms, as many survivors find aspects of traditional styles and their environments highly triggering. 

Why Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

What is it?

This program explores Trauma Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), an evidence-based intervention for the treatment of complex trauma, that was developed to support survivors develop a felt-sense of internal safety, body ownership and control. 

There is no need for any prior yoga experience; all body types, ages and backgrounds are welcome.  


The essential details:


Tuesday evenings


17:45 - 19:15


ANU Yoga Studio

129 Rothschild Ave

Tel Aviv


1,200 NIS

Installments are available

Please note: This program is not recommended for anyone who has been hospitalized in the last 6 months due to mental health. It is highly recommended and encouraged that participants be in active therapy.

*** To participate you must have a green pass or recovery certificate ****

So what's included?

  • A private, 40 minute online discovery and intake meeting prior to the start of the series.

  • 8 weeks of Trauma Sensitive Yoga practices (60min) and discussions (30 min) of its main themes. 

  • A specially designed corresponding workbook.

  • Ongoing support via phone and email; inclusion in a "quiet" whatsapp group


  • Knowledge, resources and practical tools that you can use and practice anywhere (not just in yoga...) to help you safely integrate your body into your healing process, and that greatly reinforce/progress recovery. 


  • The healing power of a group: I recognize that you are on your own journey. Together and as a group we will support and validate each other to help counter painful feelings of isolation.    


Our space is sacred

The creation of safety is prioritized, so you are comfortable and able to engage with your body however is appropriate for you. Every topic is discussed in general terms to avoid unnecessary distress.


While intended to be therapeutic, this is not group therapy; we therefore we do not share information or details of any traumatic experience.


Everything is conducted with great care, awareness and sensitivity towards maintaining a safe space, enabling you to safely explore the connection you have with your body. As a facilitator, I receive clinical supervision.

Not sure? That's ok!

It's important you feel secure and confident if you choose to sign up.

That's why I'm offering a special discount on a one-time private session (in-person), to help you decide. This is your chance to meet me before the start of the series, to try out Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and ask any questions about the program you like.

Special rate:

230NIS (instead of 280)


All privates are 60 minutes and take place at a clinic in central Tel Aviv. 

Sound good? Book your call to schedule a time. 


About me:

My name is Rachel and as facilitator of Trauma Sensitive Yoga my expertise is in helping Israeli survivors of complex trauma develop connection with, and experience safety in their bodies.


I'm originally from Canada and became Israel's first facilitator of TCTSY in 2017. In addition to my private clinic in Tel Aviv (hopefully soon Jerusalem...), I work within mental health organizations and treatment centers in Israel, as well as nonprofits serving trauma-impacted populations such as IDF veterans, survivors of childhood sexual abuse in both the secular and ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities, and men in addiction recovery and prison-exit programs. 


In addition to the above, l have been a guest speaker at several mental health conferences and hold Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshops for yoga teachers and mental health professionals. 

To read more about me, please visit the About page