Let's Collaborate.

For mental health professionals, amutot and organizations serving trauma-impacted populations in Israel.

As a facilitator of Trauma Sensitive Yoga, I directly support the work of trauma therapists in Israel by bringing the body into the treatment landscape.


My expertise is in empowering survivors of complex trauma to safely experience their bodies, which directly contributes to recovery and the therapeutic process. I frequently partner with mental health organizations and amutot that promote the wellbeing of trauma-impacted populations, adding value to their important work and mission. 

How does Trauma Sensitive Yoga contribute to therapy?

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (specifically Trauma Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga) is a uniquely modified style of yoga, developed to provide psychologically safe opportunities for survivors of complex trauma to notice, engage and interact with their bodies. It was developed at the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute in Boston, MA, and in 2017 was officially recognized as an evidence-based practice. 


In contrast to other somatic models, there is no emphasis on processing traumatic memories or engagement in verbal meaning-making of visceral experiences. Instead, as a facilitator, I collaborate with clients on what feels comfortable/accessible to them in their bodies, and together we use different yoga postures as opportunities to practice choice-making, taking effective actioninteroceptive awareness, and relational safety.

The vast majority of my clients reach me through professional referrals.

Who have I worked with?

Below is a selection of organizations, treatment centers, studios and professional conferences I have worked with to provide Trauma Sensitive Yoga, workshops and lectures. 

  • Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center

  • NATAL - Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center

  • Open Door (Planned Parenthood Israel)

  • Jewish Community Watch, Beit Shemesh

  • Addictions Rehabilitation Center, Ministry of Welfare, Bat Yam

  • Studio Tilia, Tel Aviv

  • Flow Yoga, Jerusalem

  • Barash Center, Jerusalem

  • "Loss, Bereavement and Resilience 2019" international conference, Eilat 

  • "Pathways to Healing 2020" conference for survivors of complex trauma, Kiryat Ono

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