For therapists, mental health clinics and organizations serving trauma-impacted clientele.

Professional collaborations and partnerships:

Let's work together to help your clients heal.

Treating and supporting survivors of complex trauma isn't easy. Collaboration between professional fields is often the key to effective trauma care. Trauma Sensitive Yoga might just be the therapeutic intervention that your clients need.  

By working together, your clients receive comprehensive whole-person support, opening up new opportunities to greater post-traumatic growth and healing from the bottom-up.

I specialize in partnering with trauma treatment centers and mental health organizations to provide in-house Trauma Sensitive Yoga for clientele. I also welcome referral clients in my private clinic in central Tel Aviv. 

I'm always interested in new partnerships and would love to hear from you! If you'd like to discuss  collaborating or send referral clients my way, click on the button below to be in touch.

My valued partners:

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Trauma-informed expertise and yoga, rolled into one.

Not all yoga is trauma sensitive by virtue of being yoga. When treating complex trauma, a range of trauma-informed adaptations and modifications are almost always required to help clients safely tolerate "being in" their bodies.

This is what I do, and where my expertise lies.


As Israel's first facilitator of Trauma Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), an evidence based practice, I bring with me experience, professionalism and compassion to every individual and place of work.

So let's chat and learn how we can work together! 

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What do I offer?

private sessions

Personal attention and support at all times; practices are tailored to the individual needs, tolerances, and therapeutic situation of each person.

small groups

Small group practices are based on a series of 10-12 weeks; can be offered as either a one-time special event, or on a revolving, ongoing basis.

professional workshops

Professional enrichment workshops and presentations for clinical teams contain content on principal theory of TCTSY, application and tools for inclusion in therapy.