Trauma Sensitive Yoga for Survivors of
Complex Trauma

Your body is a crucial piece of the trauma healing puzzle. As Israel's first certified facilitator of Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY), I help survivors of complex trauma safely integrate their bodies into the healing process. Together we work to create a new relationship with your body; one built upon a felt-sense of internal safety, body ownership and control (agency). A relationship that reinforces recovery by enabling you to experience and live a more peacefully embodied, full and present life. 


Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) is an evidence based practice with foundations in modern trauma theory, attachment theory and neuroscience. Especially when combined with therapy, amazing leaps forward in your therapeutic process and journey take place.


I've worked with hundreds of survivors from across all sectors of Israeli society, and know this to be true.

If you are reading this, it means you do too.

Your body did what was necessary to survive; 

I invite you to do what is necessary to heal.

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My name is Rachel,
and I believe you.

About me..

As facilitator of Trauma Sensitive Yoga my expertise is in helping Israeli survivors of complex trauma develop connection with, and experience safety in their bodies. I love this work; it is an absolute privilege and honor to be included in a person's recovery process, and I dedicate all of my experience, knowledge and compassion to every person I work with. My empathy and dedication stems from my own story of trauma and recovery, and my steadfast belief that HEALING IS POSSIBLE.


I became Israel's first facilitator in 2017 after years of teaching mainstream yoga styles. I completed my training at the Boston Trauma Center at JRI (now the Center for Trauma and Embodiment), where Trauma Sensitive Yoga was created, developed and researched. I now only work in this very special niche of trauma care. 


My private clinic, where I work with clients 1:1 either in-person or on zoom, is located in Tel Aviv. In addition I regularly facilitate Trauma Sensitive Yoga for groups in mental health organizations and treatment centers serving trauma-impacted populations such as IDF veterans, survivors of childhood sexual abuse (both in the secular and ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities), men and women in addiction recovery centers and prison-exit programs. 

I'm currently part of the core treatment staff at Beit Ella and Beit Inbal, two women's shelters in Be'er Yaakov operated by Inbalim. Similarly, I am currently in the midst of collaborating with Dr. Anat Gur, founder and director of the Hochmat Nashim women's mental health clinic in Tel Aviv. 


Lastly, l have been a guest speaker at several mental health conferences and regularly hold Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshops and webinars for yoga teachers and mental health professionals. 

Leaves Shadow


 "This has been an amazing experience for me - you really managed to create a space where I felt truly comfortable to "do what I feel like" and to explore what that might be.

It's also been incredibly validating to learn about the ways in which trauma affects all people, to know that my experiences make sense and that my body and mind did what they had to do to get by. I'm so grateful to have found this new way to connect with my body."

- anon client, Tel Aviv 

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