Work with me:

Trauma Sensitive Yoga as a part of your healing journey.

Healing Takes Time, Patience, and Practice.

Engaging in Trauma Sensitive Yoga represents a commitment to healing yourself; it can only work if given time, if you are patient and understand that it takes continued practice in order to experience true post-traumatic growth.

To best help you achieve this, I offer personalized 3-month plans of weekly 1:1 sessions, in person or online.  

Currently all in-person meetings take place in central Tel Aviv (Jerusalem coming soon). 

Below are the details of the two different services/packages I offer:

It's a big decision - so let's talk!


Let's talk! Consultation Call (Zoom, 60 min)

Consultation calls are a crucial first step in personalizing your experience of Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Together we discuss your needs and goals in depth, and go over any other information relevant to your healing journey. You are welcome to ask me any questions, and raise any specific concerns you might have. An optional demonstration practice is included. 


Based on the details of our conversation, we will establish a recommended plan of action based on how we can work together. 

Cost: 270 nis


Let's work together! Your 3 month plan

Over the course of 3 months, I will help you integrate Trauma Sensitive Yoga into your life in order to support your recovery. Together we work on helping you feel more connected to, and safe in your body, thus greatly impacting your overall quality of life. You are welcome to renew your plan and continue working with me at the end of each 3 month period. 


Each plan includes: 10 weekly 1:1 sessions (60 min each); ongoing phone and email support. 

Payment plans are available. The consultation call rate is deducted from overall cost of a package.

Cost: 2,500 nis (after deduction)

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