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Presentations and workshop opportunities for yoga teachers and mental health professionals

I provide a variety of workshop and presentation opportunities for yoga teachers and mental health professionals alike, intended to reinforce and strengthen how you can support your clients or students. On this page you will find information about upcoming speaking engagements, workshops and presentations intended for anyone interested in learning about yoga as a compassionate tool for trauma healing. 

As yoga teachers...

Becoming trauma-informed as yoga teachers has become enormously important and widely discussed in recent years. As a result of the multitude of exposés on institutionalized abuse within the yoga world, and the variety of social justice movements like #metoo and Black Lives Matter, being trauma informed has become synonymous with increased safety, accessibility and one’s own professional responsibility. 

And yet, rarely ever is trauma included within any official yoga teacher training. Until this changes (and I believe it will!), it is up to us to take steps to become informed.

As mental health professionals...

From a mental health perspective, yoga can provide an endless amount of therapeutic benefits in support of trauma therapy and recovery. TCTSY is based in trauma theory, attachment theory and neuroscience, and involves a large range of modifications to how yoga is traditionally taught. If you work with trauma-impacted populations, understanding the specific methodology of TCTSY and how it can be integrated into treatment is hugely beneficial to clients’ healing and recovery processes.

There is no need to be a yoga teacher, or indeed practice yoga in order to reap the benefits of attending speaking engagements and workshops.

Upcoming lectures, workshops and trainings:

Pathways to Healing 

Lecture - "Trauma Sensitive Yoga as an evidence-based practice" 


Kiryat Ono Academic College, Israel


A conference for survivors and therapists to share and expose the different interventions and therapies intended for complex trauma.

*Tickets currently sold out*


20-hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga training 



In collaboration with the Center for Trauma Embodiment, yoga teachers and mental health professionals are invited to deepen their knowledge and understanding of TCTSY through this comprehensive training. This training qualifies as the prerequisite for the full TCTSY facilitator certification program.


2020 Dates TBA

In pic: Tel Aviv 2019 training. Faces blurred to protect privacy. 

3-hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga workshops



Great for yoga studios or as part of professional enrichment days in mental health treatment centers and organizations, these workshops go over all the fundamental theory behind TCTSY and include a group practice. 


2020 Dates TBA

In pic: April 2018, Tel Aviv Sexual Assault Crisis Center 


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