This is the primary way in which I work. Given the sensitive nature of recovery and the variety of challenges that frequently arise on a person's path to healing, private sessions are the safest and most beneficial way of working together. Unlike in group situations, one-on-one sessions enable me to give you my fullest attention so that together we can address a range of body-based issues (disconnection or dissociation from the body, feeling safe in your body, feeling safe around another person, etc) which can develop in the aftermath of inter-relational trauma. These take place at a studio space in central Tel Aviv (not in the homes of clients). For people who feel unable to leave their home, are uncomfortable on public transportation, or do not live in close proximity to Tel Aviv, online meetings can be arranged. 

The "Yoga For Healing" is a series of 8 group practices (one per week), that includes a 30 minute group discussion on the central themes of

Trauma Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, followed by a 60 minute practice. The goal of these series is to demystify what Trauma Sensitive Yoga is (and what it isn't...) and how traumatic experiences impact the relationship we have with our bodies, other people, and the world. 

This is a great option for someone who wants to work in a group setting for a defined period of time. These series happens twice a year (summer & winter) and have a maximum of 10 participants (men and women separate). 

More information on these can be found by clicking here.

Group and Private Sessions

I am based in Tel Aviv and offer Trauma Sensitive Yoga within following contexts, listed below. To schedule, please contact me. It is highly recommended (and in some cases required) for participants to simultaneously be in therapy with a qualified mental health professional.

Private Sessions in-studio & online

Join a "Yoga for Healing" 8-week series 

Join a "Yoga for Healing" 8-week series