Work with me:

Group practices and private sessions

Your body can heal.

Experience the benefits of Trauma Sensitive Yoga today. 

Below is information regarding services I offer to direct clients. I am based primarily in the Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan area, and will be in Jerusalem as of fall 2020.


For more information and to book, please contact me.

**Please note: I am currently on maternity leave until August 2020.**

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Private sessions

This is the primary way in which I work. Private sessions are 50 minutes long and take place in a clinic space in Tel Aviv and/or Ramat Gan.

Given the sensitive nature of recovery, as well as the different challenges each person may face, private sessions is an effective way of working together. 

Group Practices

There is something very powerful about a group of people coming together, all working at their own pace and according to their own needs, but together. 


Group practices come in series of 8 or 10 weekly practices, intermittently throughout the year. Groups for men and women are held separately, with a maximum of 8 participants per group. 

Online Practices

For people who feel overwhelmed and challenged by leaving their home, or who live far away, I am happy to meet online. This is also a good solution for anyone with concerns regarding COVID-19.

Despite not physically being in the same room, all the same benefits of Trauma Sensitive Yoga are still available.