My name is Rachel, and I am facilitator of Trauma Sensitive Yoga. I help survivors of complex trauma in Israel develop connection with, and experience safety in their bodies.


I provide compassionate, trauma-informed support so you can recover and live a fuller, happier, more embodied life.

What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (specifically Trauma Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga) is a form of somatic therapy (a wholistic mind-body approach) that uses yoga postures to help survivors of complex trauma safely connect with, experience, and establish ownership of their bodies.

Based on a robust model of scientific theory, Trauma Sensitive Yoga was developed and researched by some of the world’s leading professionals in the field of trauma therapy. In 2017 was officially recognized as an evidence-based practice.

Why is it important?

Acknowledging your body can feel really scary and confusing if you've experienced abuse, maltreatment or interpersonal violence of any kind. In fact, it is a common and normal response to NOT want to feel your body, and to actively avoid doing so. 


This makes TOTAL sense! After-all, our bodies absorb and remember everything that has ever happened to us.


It can be a dilemma however, when in the course of healing you decide you want to reconnect with your body, but seek a safely facilitated and trauma-informed framework for doing so. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga can support you with this.

Simply put, Trauma Sensitive Yoga presents a psychologically safe opportunity to engage with your body within a professional, trauma-informed therapeutic relationship and physical environment.

What will we do together?

Together we will use yoga postures to address and explore the 3 following therapeutic themes, each of which reflects a different and important aspect of recovery and healing: 


  1. Empowerment of the survivor

  2. Safety in relationships

  3. The neuroscience and mind-body impact of complex trauma

You are at all times in total and complete control of your body, and invited to choose how you wish to interact with it within the context of yoga postures. As a facilitator, I practice together with you. I may invite you to notice different physical sensations connected to the postures we practice together. You are empowered with the freedom to choose, adjust, and interact with each posture based on what you feel in your body, free of judgement or influence regarding how it “should” look according to any externalized idea of technique, aesthetic or philosophy. 

Our physical space is as clear as possible of any visual or other sensory triggers that might interfere. As a facilitator, my training and understanding of how complex trauma impacts a person’s relationship with their body is extensive, and I regularly invest in continuing education in order to be of greater service and support each person I work with. 

I would love to share more details with you about how we can work together in a free15-minute phone consultation.

To book a time, please use the scheduling link below. 




Thank you so much for your interest.

I very much look forward to hearing from you!