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Yoga for Healing Series

This has been an amazing experience for me - you really managed to create a space where I felt truly comfortable to "do what I feel like," and to explore what that might be. It's also been incredibly validating to learn about the ways in which trauma affects all people, to know that my experiences make sense and that my body and mind did what they had to do to get by. I'm so grateful to have found this new way to connect with my body.”

- summer series participant, Tel Aviv

An 8-week yoga journey to support healing and recovery

The Yoga for Healing series is an 8-week therapeutic workshop designed to enhance participants' understanding of trauma sensitive yoga, and how past life experiences impact our bodies, as well as relationships with other people and the world. Each meeting focuses on a different central theme of Trauma Center, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and following a 30 minute group discussion participants are invited to take part in a group practice that explores the theme of that week. The goal is for participants feel empowered and validated through a deeper understanding of how adversity impacts wellbeing, and to provide a supportive yoga practice in which they can connect with, and reclaim control over their bodies. No need for any prior experience in yoga - all ages and body types are welcome.


Some examples of topics include:

  • The central themes of TCTSY: invitation, choice, interoception, shared authentic experience, non-coercion, and how they relate to healing

  • How the brain and body communicate to keep us safe

  • The body remembers: how memories are stored in the body

  • How past experiences contribute to the relationship we have with our bodies

  • Power dynamics in relationships (including with yoga teachers…)

  • And more…

Discussions do not include sharing, diagnosing or interpreting of any person’s personal experiences and are led with great sensitivity. It is highly recommended that participants be simultaneously in therapy. Men and women are taught separately. 


The series is led in English with Hebrew translations.

To register, please contact me via contact form, phone or email.